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Making a Difference

Many of our dogs are leading successful lives assisting their people in a variety of levels of support. Here are some of their stories. (Also check out our pupdates).


March 5, 2023

People ask "What do you do?" It can get awkward to say with confidence "I breed and raise dogs" because people tend to immediately conjure up an image of greedy people wanting to make a buck off a cute puppy.

However, everything is worth it when I get a report like this. Waffle (a 3 year old Golden Pyrenees from my very first litter) saved his boy's life recently.

When I asked if I could share this photo his mom said,

Of course! Also, not sure if you saw but he (Waffle the dog) alerted to a massive infection we caught early. He saved Scott’s life- and that’s per the doc

We knew he would alert to blood pressure issues with S's POTS. But, last night he made it very clear that he is also capable of alerting to infection. When it all started to go downhill, I dosed the boy up with Tylenol and Ibuprofen because it wasn’t very high and went back to finishing up supper for the house while we waited to see what meds would do.

Waffle was NOT having that. His alert is to lick your hands incessantly and aggressively (for him). He cannot be called off. And that’s what he did. Any time I would leave S's side, Waffle would take my hand gently in his mouth and bring me back to S..He would get a bit pushier and pushier. Then S’s fever really spiked. And off we went.

With tears in my eyes I post this beautiful story. Some might feel "well, that's a fluke and dogs know things." Yet, 5 of 6 pups from this litter have stepped in and helped their people in various ways. Some have had formal training to do so and some have naturally done it. When people dare to say purpose bred dogs aren't needed or breeders are raising dogs for the money . . ?

Well, no. This is my why!

Dogs helping and healing because they have been raised with respect and care and matched to the family they are best suited for! I raise my pups the Empowered Breeder way, but this liter was before I even knew all I know now. I am very proud of Waffle and he makes me proud to do the job I am called to do raising dogs for this type of purpose. The majority of my dogs are assistance animals of some sort and a few are pampered pets who also step into this role if or when needed.



September 4 2022

So proud of Paisley and the job she is now doing at her school! This is her first year and she is loved and these kids look forward to having her there as their friend and support when needed. I love that several of my pups have gone on to be facility dogs at schools and with therapists. While I had initially planned to breed a larger sized dog for mobility assistance many of my pups have been placed as facility dogs.


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