Kansas Doodles


(Labrador Retriever + Poodle)

Very rarely, but occasionally we will have Labradoodle puppies available. What is a Labradoodle puppy? An F1 Labradoodle is a Labrador Retriever and Poodle cross and both parents are purebred. We have standard Poodles since our initial goal was to raise a large sized assistance animal. Labradoodles are known for being outgoing and can make a great assistance animal because they have a desire to please, ability to retrieve (in many instances) and are relatively easy to train. They also make a great dog for children since the Labrador Retriever is an extremely forgiving breed and more "rough and tumble" than some breeds that might be sensitive.

Labradoodles generally make great diabetic alert dogs and also can be great for deep pressure therapy or for someone with anxiety. Honestly, Labrador Retrievers are not my favorite breed of dog, but they are still the number one dog breed preferred by Americans. For those who like the personality of the Labrador, but wants or needs a lower shedding dog then sometimes they are a good fit. It does seem F1 Labradoodles do shed more than some other types of doodles though. Their coat can be coarse, and ranges from wavy to curly. If someone would like a curlier coat than an F1B generation where a Labradoodle is crossed back to a Poodle again would be preferable.

You will find a Labradoodle is a good fit for a family with or without kids who live an active lifestyle. Labradoodles generally get along well with other pets; if you have other dogs or cats in the home already that are used to dogs it is likely they will get along.

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